What is Twitter?

Twitter is another interesting Social Networking site!You can see it as a form of MicroBlogging.

From ReadWriteweb.com:

‘And the Winner is…

As with the BigCo selection, the Read/WriteWeb authors were unanimous in our decision. The Best LittleCo of 2007 is Twitter, Inc.

“Social network publishing is very terse, blog publishing is verbose. Is there a form of publishing which is on one hand as easy as social networking, but as sequential as regular blogs? Twitter and Tumblr have recently emerged to define this new category of microblogging.”

The simple idea of Twitter is to express what you are doing right now, in 140 characters or less. …. ‘

For Customer Services, Twitter uses Satisfaction.


where does Twitter fit in? :

‘Twitter has mashed up communication and personal publishing to create a compelling new form of real-time publishing. The idea of expressing of what you are doing right now in less than 140 characters is clever, but remixing other users’ posts and allowing people to subscribe to each other’s messages was the stroke of genius that made Twitter a hit. …. ‘

from: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_evolution_of_personal_publ.php


This is another good post on this subject!

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