Understand how Web 2.0 tools can improve your project management

From: Web 2.0 and project management

Old Approach, New Model for Projects
A project manager can set up a project wiki page in a minute. A number of wiki service providers are available, however www.Jotspot.com or www.Socialtext.com seem to standout. Once a project wiki page is created, a PM may invite project members and stakeholders into the wiki page, a people’s page is created identifying everyone’s role and contact information. Subsequently team members may setup blogs, which act as personal diary pages posting comments and photos. Finally project applications maybe added such as calendars, file cabinets, meeting agendas and other services.

The following figure shows a proposed model for a project wiki page.

project wiki diagram

This model promises to improve project delivery by streamlining communication and focusing the team on real project issues. But most importantly, it is a model that promises to boost project quality assurance by reducing errors and provides for better risk management. The project wiki becomes a live project office to some extent. ‘



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