Facebook presentation by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO)


Facebook.com is the largest Social Networking site; with some 58+ million active users.

This is a very interesting interview video with Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) at the web 2.0 Summit 2007; with good explanations of the ‘Social Graph‘ concept that is central to Facebook (and to LinkedIn, MySpace, etc).

It is one of the most important new platforms, which may well be able to compete to large platforms such as Amazon and Google.


Great video with Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) explaining the newest developments at Facebook.com.

He talks about further opening up the platform to third party developers and how to make money on his platform. He is speaking for some 800 developers at the f8 Keynote in San Francisco. Currently there are more than 10000 Facebook applications.

Also speakers from Microsoft, Amazon and Paypal presenting.

Information on wikipedia about Facebook.

Here some interesting comment on application usage.

Another interesting article on Facebook at ReadWriteWeb.com
Richard MacManus:

‘It’s a utility in terms of a tool for the 24 million Facebook users, but it also reflects Facebook’s desire to become a utility, like an power company, in which potentially billions of people use the service in their personal and professional lives. Facebook, MySpace, and other growing colonies of linked communities with semi-permeable walls represent the rise of the social Web and Web utility companies.’


Great Forrester presentation:

Facebook and marketing: ‘Facebook, a ready-made marketing platform’:

The many opportunities for Marketers:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Word of Mouth/ Interacting
  • Intelligence (profiles, public groups)

Develop a Strategy (‘POST’):

  • People – assess your customer’s Social Technographics profile
  • Objectives – decide what you want to accomplish
  • Strategy – plan for how relationships with customers will change
  • Technology – decide which social technology to use

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