Powerpoint presentations – do’s and dont’s

January 13, 2008


How to present using Powerpoint

I present the main ideas from this podcast on Powerpoint presentations!

Preparation of a presentation:

  • what do I want the audience to do? (‘I want them to approve X’)
  • what story do I have to tell them to make them do this? (get them in the right emotional state)
  • what kind of data do I need for this story?


  • you want focus on yourself; not on the slides of the presentation

Your story:

  • you should tell a story (not present just data)
  • slide should add to what you are telling
  • no more than three thoughts per presentation

How many slides:

  • 1-3 slides per 10 minutes of presentation
  • it could be just 1 slide per 10 minutes
  • less slides is better

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