Made to Stick

This book popularized the concept of stickiness.

This is the tendency for a person to remember and pass on an idea.

They came up with this basic ‘SUCCESs’ framework:

  • Simple : … the most important concepts should jump out
  • Unexpected: the idea must destroy preconceived notion
  • Concrete : use real-world analogies
  • Credible : “Have you experienced this?”
  • Emotion : involve people in your story will also move them
  • Story : act as a kind of mental flight simulator

Made to Stick

Interview with Chip Heath on the ‘McKinsey Quarterly’ website (signing up required):

‘ …. put an American on the moon in a decade (John F. Kennedy)’

‘ …. strategy need to be compelling to your employees.

‘ …. identify the core elements of strategies & highlight them …’

‘ …. strike out every abstraction’

‘ …. to get something done (…) make a message sticky

Why are your messages not sticky but too abstract:

‘ …. because you are suffering from the “Curse of Knowledge.” ‘

Interview with the authors:


Explaining the ‘Curse of Knowledge’ and a good example how to make a message Sticky :


Chip Hanlon

Chip Heath


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