The unlikely solution was to use Toyota management principles called “systems thinking” to improve their hospitals.

Good documentary! This clearly shows that Systems Thinking improves the quality of services in healthcare.

From :

‘A patient is not an automobile, but… The unlikely solution was to use Toyota management principles called “systems thinking” to improve their hospitals. Systems thinking allows leaders and staff to see the complex, modern workplace with “new eyes” and turn problems into improvements.

It has saved up to 50 percent in costs, thousands of lives, and avoided hundreds of thousands of medical errors. Significant improvements have already begun in hospitals in several major cities.

The documentary also describes America’s deadly hospital problem in detail for the first time on television:

The Problem

• Doctors, nurses and administrators reveal the dangerous conditions of American hospitals, and

• How the patient became lost in modern hospitals.

The Solution

• How staff put patient care and safety first and quickly began to reduce waste and improve clinical outcomes;

• How the reporting of errors and potential errors significantly increased and enabled better patient care when hospital administrators ceased focusing on blame; and

• An MD administrator predicts these new methods will solve the malpractice crisis.

The documentary reports on SSM Health Care system with 20 hospitals and 21,000 employees across the Midwest and a Pittsburgh initiative involving more than 40 hospitals.’

More information on Lean Management at:

How to improve processes in healthcare: ‘Lean Thinking in the NHS and healthcare’

Improving Service Organizations: ‘Freedom from Command and control’

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