Alignment: ‘everybody needs to understand the value of their role’

This interview is a fine example of internal alignment of employee satisfaction to corporate strategy and goals! – from

‘Merrill Lynch has combined operations with IT in a single unit. Diane Schueneman, the head of the company’s Global Infrastructure Solutions, explains how she is changing both to focus on the customer.’



‘….. What is interesting is that this also drives employee satisfaction. When managers ask, “How do we get people in a support group like IT or operations to feel like they’re part of the business?” the answer seems to be: connect people to the company’s value proposition and to customers.

People want to feel like they’re valued, and there’s nothing like the customer telling you that you’re valued to make you feel good about your contribution.

Sometimes people think that customer value is all on the front line, the face. But if the technology behind the scenes can’t process the requests, the customer is not going to be happy.

So I need to have the IT and operations staff recognizing how the end goal is dependent on their contribution. Everybody’s got a role to play and everybody needs to understand the value of their role.’

From: ‘Focusing on the customer: An interview with the head of Merrill Lynch’s operations and IT’

This approach is a good example of the Alignment Process defined by Robert Kaplan:

Managing Alignment as a Process

‘Having aligned and integrated strategies at all organizational units yields little if employees are not aware of the strategy and are not motivated to help their organizational unit implement it.’

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