top-4 management consultants

This is a list of my favorite management consultants:

Mike Horstman and Mark Auzenne – Manager Tools – on generic management skills

Manager-Tools is a podcast series ( more than 100 podcasts; weekly a new edition). You can learn many important management skills, such as giving feedback, coaching, delegations, organizing meeting etc.

David Maister – on Professional Services

David Maister is the world leading ‘guru’ on Professional Services. He covers all aspects of implementing and improving this kind of organizations. Think of how to sell, training of consultants, marketing, building trust with your customers, etc.

Marshall Goldsmith – on FeedForward

Marshall Goldsmith is the most recognized management consultant worldwide. He coaches many managers of Fortune 500 businesses, also on CxO level. His teachings have an immediate impact on your management style. Highly recommended!

John Kotter – on Change Management

John Kotter is recognized as one of the most important leaders on Change Management.
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