“Those hospitals that publish their results will do better” – transparency and quality improvements in healthcare

Healthcare providers that make their quality of services more transparent to patients will improve quality of service in that way!

This is a very entertaining presentation of Paul Levy at a Dutch healthcare congress 2008.

Paul Levy

Paul F. Levy MBA, CEO & President, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“Those hospitals that publish their results will do better”

When starting at the BIDMC, Paul Levy was new to the health care sector. He used his experiences from the sewer and electricity sectors in helping the BIDMC back to the top of the Boston health care market. Essential in his strategy is transparency. Transparency in what he does as a CEO but mostly and foremost transparency in the quality the hospital achieves.

He states that transparency is essential to holding ourselves accountable. Because when we know our results are open, will do just a little better. And with the increasing cost, hospitals are more and more pressured to be open, clear and helpful in improving the quality of care. Hospitals are political institutions; they are paid by the public and offer care to the pubic; being in a capitalist or social system. br> During his speech he refers to various urls:
http://bidmc.harvard.edu/default.asp?node_id=8332 (home page results of BIDMC by Harvard)
http://bidmc.harvard.edu/default.asp?node_id=8332 (patients feedback)’

From: http://www.zorginnovatienederland.nl/presentaties.htm

Interview with Paul Levy:

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