‘5 Tools Everyone Working Online Should Have (IMHO)’ – ReadWriteWeb article

This is an excellent article on ReadWriteWeb.com, written by Marshall Kirkpatrick

Quote from the article: ‘We’ve noticed that many people don’t use some tools that would make their lives online much more effective and efficient. Here’s our list of some tools we’d suggest are essential. Several of these tools will deliver huge value to your workday and take less than 10 minutes to get set up.’

Based on this article, I started using some of them – these are indeed essential tools!


  1. Multi-service IM: makes IM more easy!

  2. Cross Platform Screensharing Tool: not used yet; is similar to Microsoft NetMeeting used in the corporate environment

  3. A Custom Search Engine: this is really useful; you can now search only on my blog using google

  4. Startpage: I use Netvibes, this is really great!

  5. Blog With Your Name and Contact Info: will put my gmail address on the blog

Do you know other essential tools?

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