The Meeting Introduction


Mark Horstman on: ‘The Meeting Introduction’:

‘If you’re leading a meeting where a team is being formed, or a project group is meeting for the first time, I recommend you use this tool to start off well. In fact, it is so effective, it is my all-time favorite manager tool.

I’ve been leading meetings as a manager, leader and now consultant and facilitator for 20+ years. I’ve seen hundreds of ways to do this, and used many of them myself.This tool is by far the simplest to understand and the easiest to remember for everyone. (…)’


Recently I have used this ‘Manager Tool’ for the first time. This was in a professional setting, with some 18 participants. Some of them were new to the group.

I received some very positive feedback on this ‘Meeting Introduction’; so I can really recommend it. Some tips:

  • really prepare this well (I even translated the instruction sheet into Dutch; glanced on it during the instruction phase to make sure that I did not forget important aspects
  • do not rush!
  • make sure that the welcome cheer at the beginning of every introduction is done by everyone; and also the cheering at the end

This is a members only podcast (so you have to register; costs $15/month):

Have fun!

What is your best idea of introducing people in a large meeting?

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