The Meeting Introduction

July 12, 2008


Mark Horstman on: ‘The Meeting Introduction’:

‘If you’re leading a meeting where a team is being formed, or a project group is meeting for the first time, I recommend you use this tool to start off well. In fact, it is so effective, it is my all-time favorite manager tool.

I’ve been leading meetings as a manager, leader and now consultant and facilitator for 20+ years. I’ve seen hundreds of ways to do this, and used many of them myself.This tool is by far the simplest to understand and the easiest to remember for everyone. (…)’


Recently I have used this ‘Manager Tool’ for the first time. This was in a professional setting, with some 18 participants. Some of them were new to the group.

I received some very positive feedback on this ‘Meeting Introduction’; so I can really recommend it. Some tips:

  • really prepare this well (I even translated the instruction sheet into Dutch; glanced on it during the instruction phase to make sure that I did not forget important aspects
  • do not rush!
  • make sure that the welcome cheer at the beginning of every introduction is done by everyone; and also the cheering at the end

This is a members only podcast (so you have to register; costs $15/month):

Have fun!

What is your best idea of introducing people in a large meeting?

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Using the DiSC-model for improving your feedback

March 18, 2008


Improve Your Feedback

This podcast is showing how to use the DiSC model in feedback.

It serves as a good comparison of the four communication styles!

Core message: modify your feedback to the natural communication style of your team member!

‘Speak French when in Paris, speak Italian when in Rome’

February 15, 2008


Mark Horstman

Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman have created great weekly podcasts:

“… to become a more effective manager and leader…..”

“ … learn specific actions you can take TODAY to improve your management performance….

Index to all podcasts

Using the ‘Management Trinity’….. :

  • One on Ones
  • Feedback
  • Coaching

…. will immediately make you a much better manager

One on Ones:



Basic Manager Tools principles:

  • one on one
  • feedback
  • coaching
  • delegation
  • running effective meetings

For some of the podcasts you have to register to the site.

Podcasts, by Category:
One on Ones
Self Development
Time Management

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Web 2.0 and Management

The favorite books of

January 24, 2008


The favorite books of worth a look !

The books of this list that I like best are:

  • Influence by Robert Cialdini : my post
    Best way to understand compliance strategies

Powerpoint presentations – do’s and dont’s

January 13, 2008


How to present using Powerpoint

I present the main ideas from this podcast on Powerpoint presentations!

Preparation of a presentation:

  • what do I want the audience to do? (‘I want them to approve X’)
  • what story do I have to tell them to make them do this? (get them in the right emotional state)
  • what kind of data do I need for this story?


  • you want focus on yourself; not on the slides of the presentation

Your story:

  • you should tell a story (not present just data)
  • slide should add to what you are telling
  • no more than three thoughts per presentation

How many slides:

  • 1-3 slides per 10 minutes of presentation
  • it could be just 1 slide per 10 minutes
  • less slides is better

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‘Hot Wash’

December 26, 2007


In this podcast, you can hear how to do a

‘Hot Wash’ or ‘After Action Review

It’s a really good way for us to quickly capture ways to improve how we do our work. It’s sort of like an After Action Review, if you’ve ever done one of those, but it’s not that formal, and it only takes about 30 minutes. ‘

In the Hot Wash session, all project team members get together. Purpose is to evaluate the project, and to find improvement potential for the next project.

4 steps:

– say it: what are your going to do

– see it

– share it

– decide it

Key word is: ‘WWW/TALA’ – What Went Well / Take A Look at

This podcast is for registered users only.

How can you communicate more effectively? – Use the ‘DiSC’ model !

December 16, 2007


At , another winner is the so-called DISC-model for:

Effective management communication

DISC stand for: Dominance / Influence / Steadiness / Conscientious communication style

  • Dominance: Achieve success by taking decisive actions towards their goal
  • Influence : Achieves success by persuading others to work with them towards the goal
  • Steadiness: Works with others as part of a team to achieve success
  • Conscientious: Works within rules and procedures to ensure success

Everybody tends to have one of these communication styles as his dominant style.

However, your communication becomes more effective when you try to use the style of your partner: ‘ When you are in Paris, don’t ask the direction to a Frenchmen in English, ask it in French’

For the specific podcasts on D, I, S and C, you have to register at the site (it is free)!

Introduction to the DISC model is done in the podcast on Feedback .

This is a sample DiSC profile!

This is the site of ‘profile4u’ with more information on the DiSC model.