‘The Big Juicy Twitter Guide’

April 3, 2008


Nice guide on how you can use twitter.com to promote your blog!



Facilitation tips and tricks

March 31, 2008


You find useful information on Facilitation at:

IAF Core Competencies for Certification:

Facilitation presentations (SlideShare):

  • Facilitation training for team members (121 slides):
Click here if you do not see the presentation above.
  • Facilitation and meeting skills (53 slides):

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Web 2.0 and Management

Harnessing the power of informal employee networks

March 15, 2008
Harnessing the power of informal employee networks

Formalizing a company’s ad hoc peer groups can spur collaboration and unlock value.

Lowell L. Bryan, Eric Matson, and Leigh M. Weiss

This is an article of McKinsey Quarterly.

You can learn how to use the internal networks in your organization for improving collaboration and value generation.

The Enterprise Web 2.0 platforms now increasingly adopted will enable the building of the networks! This is an example of how Web 2.0 enables new management forms, such as Formalized networks.

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