Some great Twitter stuff found on other blogs and on twitter

May 10, 2008

‘Tweeting for Companies 101’:

‘Before I wrap this up, there are a few other ‘Tweet like a pro’ ideas:

  1. Shorten your URLs at Tweetburner where you can also track stats on these links !
  2. The mother of all places to find everything awesome Twitter is:
  3. Want to set up a ‘group’ tweet? This is way cool: Grouptweet (have multiple employees send messages to d companyname with a message that you can aggregate at @companyname)
  4. Give people beer for good deeds with Foamee

Now you are ready to tweet like a pro!’



JetBlue corporate Twitter:

‘@stevebaker Twitter matters because our customers matter. Brevity enforces honesty, and honesty breeds loyalty. The market IS a conversation’