Made to Stick

February 2, 2008

This book popularized the concept of stickiness.

This is the tendency for a person to remember and pass on an idea.

They came up with this basic ‘SUCCESs’ framework:

  • Simple : … the most important concepts should jump out
  • Unexpected: the idea must destroy preconceived notion
  • Concrete : use real-world analogies
  • Credible : “Have you experienced this?”
  • Emotion : involve people in your story will also move them
  • Story : act as a kind of mental flight simulator

Made to Stick

Interview with Chip Heath on the ‘McKinsey Quarterly’ website (signing up required):

‘ …. put an American on the moon in a decade (John F. Kennedy)’

‘ …. strategy need to be compelling to your employees.

‘ …. identify the core elements of strategies & highlight them …’

‘ …. strike out every abstraction’

‘ …. to get something done (…) make a message sticky

Why are your messages not sticky but too abstract:

‘ …. because you are suffering from the “Curse of Knowledge.” ‘

Interview with the authors:


Explaining the ‘Curse of Knowledge’ and a good example how to make a message Sticky :


Chip Hanlon

Chip Heath


‘The Tipping Point’

January 19, 2008


A great book: ‘The Tipping Point‘ by Malcolm Gladwell. From a review on

‘Malcolm Gladwell, a staff writer for New Yorker Magazine, in The Tipping Point, writes a fascinating study of human behavior patterns, and shows us where the smallest things can trigger an epidemic of change.

Though loaded with statistics, the numbers are presented in a way that makes the book read like an exciting novel.

Gladwell also gives several examples in history, where one small change in behavior created a bigger change on a national level. He also studies the type of person or group that it takes to make that change.’

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Web 2.0 and Management

What is LinkedIn?

January 2, 2008
  1. You can easily link up to colleagues, former colleagues, business partners etc.

    2007’s Top 5 LinkedIn Blog posts

  2. This is a nice presentation on the benefits of LinkedIn by Zale Tabakman. He explains the benefits of the overall size of your LinkedIn network, and how you can quickly achieve this.

  3. Presentation
  4. This is the same presentation, but with additional voice comments

  5. On LinkedIn and Blogging: good overview by Olga Kellen.

  6. Blog by Scott Allen on LinkedIn

  7. Some good podcasts on LinkedIn and building and maintaining your network

  8. On Toplinked people: ‘Sending an invitation and connecting with these people on LinkedIn is a great way to broaden your network.’

    Site Review/LinkedIn: A Vastly Underutilized Resource for Executives and Professionals

  9. The IDK tip (‘I don’t Know you’ tip)!
  10. Interview with founder Reid Hoffman
  11. Online Business Networking: 2 Horse Globalization Race: comparison of Linkedin with Xing
  12. Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn
  13. Wikipedia on LinkedIn
  14. 100+ Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn
  15. Are bi-directional friend links of Facebook and LinkedIn passé? FriendFeed and Twitter use uni-directional “fan” links.

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Web 2.0 and Management